What is CVV2?

An important new security feature for card-not-present transactions now appears on the back of most Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, and on the front of American Express cards.

How to find your CVV2 number on Visa, MasterCard & Discover:

Turn your card over and look in the signature strip. You will find either the entire 16-digit string of your card number, or just the last 4 digits, followed by a space, followed by a 3-digit number:

CVV2 Visa & MasterCard CVV2 Discover

That 3-digit number is your CVV2 number. If you cannot read your CVV2 number, you will need to contact the issuing creditor.

American Express:

On American Express Cards, the CVV2 number is a 4-digit number that appears above and to the right of the imprinted card number, on the front of the card.

DVV2 American Express

If you’re AmEx account number does not have a plastic card associated with it, then you do not have a Card Identification number. In this case, you should enter the last 4 digits of your AmEx account number in the Card Identification # field in order for your transaction to be processed.

CVV2 (also referred to as Customer Card ID Number, or CID) is a security measure often required for transactions. Since a CVV2 number is listed on your credit card, but is not stored anywhere, the only way to know the correct CVV2 number for your credit card is to physically have possession of the card itself. All VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards made in America in the past 5 years or so have a CVV2 number.

This new feature is a three-digit value which provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card. The CVV2 three-digit value is printed on the signature panel on the back of Visa cards immediately following the Visa card account number.

The CVV2 value helps validate two things: The Customer has a Visa card in his/her possession. The Card account is legitimate. CVV2 is printed only on the back of Visa cards -- it is not contained in the magnetic stripe information, nor does it appear on sales receipts.