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Kinetic Energy of Essential Oils

"For years in my clinical practice, I researched what may be called "chi" or life force. I felt there had to be natural ways to increase this energy. This led to the reserach and subsequent discover of the power found in pure essential oils.

How do you define the power of life force? Although essential oils have been used for thousands of years, only now has science developed the ability to research them on a cellular level. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., wrote that "Quantum physicists have confirmed the reality of the basic vibratory essence of life." He also noted that "life energy is not statis; it is kinetic."

Experiments using a high-resolution microscope that magnifies greater than 1,000 times an utilizes dark-field technology have shown an incredible difference between Young Living Essential Oils and other brands. Only the Young Living's essential oils showed light, vibration, and rapid motion as captured in live-motion videos. This pulsing movement seems to indicate active coenzymes, minerals, oxygenating molecules, and more. The research is ongoing.

While science is still determing what to call this type of energy (life force, Brownian motion, kinetic energy, eloptic energy, or a biological energy field), even more intriguing ideas have been investigated. In The Living Energy Universe by Gary E.R. Schwarts, Ph.D. and Linda G.S. Russek, Ph.D., the authors propose the theory of "systemc memory" -- meaning that everything throughout the universe has memory. They write that the alcohol compounds contained in roses, for example, will have a different stystemic history than the very same alcohol compounds created chemically in a laboratory. In their book, the authors state the following:

"This implication may halp explain why aromatherapy and other natural remedies such as herbs work. When the distiller extracts the 'essential' oils from a plant, he or she may be extracting the 'essential systemic memories' that reflect the wholeness of the plants themselves in addition to the unique combination of physical components that comprise the individual plants." (page 146)

Could plants that are lovingly raised in a natural environment provide essential oils with an enhanced systemic memory and a more powerful life force?

I firmly believe that the chemistry and kinetic energy of essential oils have the ability to help maintain and improve the body's life force for optimal health."

Copyright 1996-Present Gary Young

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